Bell Hooks (1952-2021): The Cultural Politics of Love

“My students tell me, we don’t want to love! We’re tired of being loving! And I say to them, if you’re tired of being loving, then you haven’t really been loving, because when you are loving you have more strength.”

– bell…

Extract from The Moves that Matter: A Chess Grandmaster on the Game of Life by Jonathan Rowson (Bloomsbury 2019). The audio extract of this chapter is available here.

In the Christian tradition, the time between Good Friday when Christ was crucified and his resurrection on Easter Sunday is a moment…

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In a busy world where people feel the need to place you before you have time to describe yourself, “define or be defined” is a useful motto.

But it’s a tough challenge.

I am the Director of an organization, Perspectiva, which is often described as ‘a think tank’; that’s not…

Jonathan Rowson in conversation with Jordan Peterson at the RSA on January 16 2018.

****This is a truncated version of what was previously on this page because the full paper is now published at ***

Jordan B. Peterson is easily misunderstood. He is a clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto but is now known as a forceful cultural…

Big Ben is not the only thing in the UK that requires maintenance. Image sourced via

We are told the army is preparing to be on standby for a No Deal Brexit, which signals incipient social breakdown. Our Health Secretary is buying fridges to store medicines, reminding millions their health relies on contingent imports from the EU. We are assured there will be adequate food, which…

Jonathan Rowson

Philosopher, Chess Grandmaster and Father. Founding. Director @Perspecteeva. Scottish Londoner,

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